>A busy day

>After days, or rather weeks, of laziness, I finally decided to do some cleaning. I had quite a lot of dirty dishes. Now they’re all clean. I also had 3 weeks worth of clean clothes just piled up on my dresser. Now, all folded in the drawers or hung in the closet. I also tackled my mountains of papers and other craft supplies. It’s all neat and everything is in the right spot. Now, I have to use it! After all this cleaning and bending to pick up stuff, I’m tired and my ribs are a bit sore but that’s ok. Only means that I need to workout more.

I finished reading The Secret and Boy, did I have negative thoughts without knowing it! All those don’t wants and don’t dos!!! No more. Now I do what I love and state exactly what I want! I still haven’t read Vonnegut but that’s definitely happening this week (it’s due back in 10 days so I HAVE to read it.) I treated myself to another SARK book (this one I bought): Make Your Creative Dreams Real. Too bad my library doesn’t have any other of her books.

Yesterday, we were having dinner to celebrate my aunt Céline’s birthday. I made her a card and a necklace (from a kit bought at WalMart.) I forgot to take a picture of the card but it’s pretty much the same as the last one I made except in yellow tones and with flowers added to the bottom right corner. She loved it and the necklace too. Here’s a picture of the necklace. Not bad for a first attempt, huh?