>Second Day and a Cute Purse

>Isn’t this a cute purse? It’s made of Coca-Cola cans which have been cleaned, cut and flattened to be able to sew them onto a plastic material. I bought this at Ten Thousand Villages so of course, it’s Fair Trade.

I did everything on my list yesterday, not that it is that much stuff to do. I also went for my walk this morning. No crows harassing me this time! Phew!

I should get a folding chair for when I want to go by the lake to draw or paint or whatever else I feel like doing when looking at water and nature. I think my parents have 3 of them… Maybe they’ll lend me one for a while? Or maybe I’ll just go buy one (I have to buy other stuff anyway, like rechargeable batteries.)

One thing I did yesterday was cleaning the planting pot that’s on my balcony in order to maybe plant something in it. I don’t know what. Maybe just throw flower seeds in there and see if they’ll grow. Well that’s it for now. I’ll put more photos of my graffiti backgrounds on Flickr. I’ve decided that I’ll make them available for people to print and use in their own altered art.

Alrighty, that’s it for now. Enjoy your afternoon!


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