>Some lemony goodness

>This is a painting I did last year. I had been waiting to do its sister Lime before taking pictures but then I figured I might as well show it now. After all, it’s already been a year… I used all sorts of things on there. Even a cardboard circle (you know the ones that ribbon comes on) that I painted and stuck on there (it’s the bigger circle.)

Another successful day yesterday. I almost didn’t go for my evening walk but then I decided to go buy a popsicle at the corner grocery shop (five minutes to walk there.) I had one of those 3-color popsicles and it was yummy! My tongue was purple after that!

This morning, my walk was longer. 25 minutes. I felt good, it was beautiful outside, birds singing… Very enjoyable. Now it’s time to cook up something for dinner… but what? I have no idea yet!

Have a pleasant evening!