>The weekend was lots of fun. Magnificent weather. Great friends. Beautiful things to see and hear. The first picture is of a band called Skarazula, which was very interesting. They made their own instruments and played wonderfully! I could’ve listened for hours, I’m sure.

The second picture is of some dancers in costumes. I didn’t see much of it but what I saw was fun.

The third picture is of one of the Giants that walk through the streets. You can see from the man taking a break next to her how big she is. Just minutes before, the man was inside the Giant, maneuvering to “park” her.

I wish I had seen more of everything but it was very hot and we had other plans for the rest of the day. That’s ok. Now that I know what it is all about, I will definitely go back and will probably invite my parents to come next summer.

I didn’t do my morning walks after all. On Saturday, I knew we would walk quite a few hours (and going up steep stairs and even steeper alleys!) so I took it easy in the morning. In the evening, I unfortunately hurt my right foot and it was way too sore to walk at a steady pace in the morning. I should’ve made up for it this morning by going for a walk. I planned to, even if it rained. But then there was thunder, so close to my neighborhood that I didn’t dare tempt the Gods. I could’ve walked at my parents’ since they have a treadmill but I just simply forgot. Oh well! Tomorrow is a brand new day. And it so happens that tomorrow is my father’s birthday. He’s turning 55. Gonna celebrate with my family!