>A happier post…

>Finally, my electronic woes are over. Everything is fixed or should be momentarily. I’ve been busy accompanying mom to appointments and going to feed my aunt’s cats and bird. In fact, we’re going to care for the poor little creatures again tomorrow. My aunt comes back Saturday night. She’s been away all week. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy task for us to go feed her cats since she’s at the other end completely of Montreal and we usually get traffic in between. Fun.

Anyway, I created these little treasures this week. The inspiration came from something by Lisa Guerin in the Somerset Studio Nov/Dec 2006 issue. I have so many of these little paper spools and love working in such a small size.

The first one was my first attempt. The image and text are from a used book I had. You can see I put a piece of twine through the hole so I can use it as decoration or a tag.

All others have images from ArtChix, the text is from an old french dictionnary and everything else is from my goodie drawers. I have tons of stuff and am trying to use as much of it before buying even more!

These might eventually be used as brooches or decorations to hang on a tree (and not necessarily a christmas one at that!)

These are really fun to make. If anyone wants to try this and can’t find the paper spools, contact me and I can send a few via mail.



5 thoughts on “>A happier post…

  1. >Ohhh these are soo wonderful! Great work! I’m so glad that your computer problems and things are better. 🙂 That can be a drag. 🙂 Wonderful post! *HUGS*

  2. >These are positively ADORABLE!!! I have a ton of these and never once would have thought of this! They’d make darling tags on gifts or as part of another collage or little ornaments…all sorts of things. Wow, I am getting inspired all over the place tonight!XO

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