>50th post and amazing news

>Yeah, I know most people celebrate their 100th or more post but I’m at 50 with this one and I think that’s great! I certainly don’t post every day mostly because I prefer posting happy posts or showing works or art. This blog is not about my day to day ramblings (that’s what my morning pages are for!) There was a time in my life where my blog (on another website) and my journals would focus more on the negative things that happened or on my negative thoughts. That’s not what I want here. Since reading The Secret, I realized how mane “false” positive thoughts I had (you know, the “don’t wants” and “won’t bes”…) Now I focus on the positive. Even when stuck in traffic for an hour!

Which brings me to the other part of today’s post. This morning, I was up early to pick up my mother. We have the same job but in different schools (daycare educators in elementary schools.) Today was a sort-of-meeting where, if we had signed up for it, we could decide to go work in another school for more hours or proximity to home. It works by seniority. I’m about half-way through the list. A former coworker of mine was also present and just a few names ahead of me.

To get to that meeting, mom and I got stuck in traffic for more than an hour. I kept smiling, humming tunes, thinking that “it’s ok, we’re going to be on time, they won’t start before we get there.” This whole thing was suppose to start (I think) at 9:00 or 9:30. We got there just after 9:30 and noticed a lot of other people seeming out of breath and eager to walk if not run inside. Luckily, they were having technical difficulties and were aware of the traffic so it took another 15 minutes to get the meeting started! Yes!!! Positive thoughts worked!

Not only that… For the past 2 days, I knew that a position was opening in a school 3 streets from my place and with more hours than what I already had. For those 2 days, I’ve been thinking “that job is mine, I’m going to work more hours, save tons of money on gas, walk every day to go to work and have a good change of scenery work-wise.” Lo and behold, I got the job!!! I couldn’t believe it! My ex-coworker also got the position she wanted! We were thrilled! Positive thinking REALLY WORKS! I’m a true believer!

So tomorrow I’m going to call my new boss to see if she wants to meet me Friday since work starts on Monday. I’m so excited! And the best part is, I know that next year, I’ll be able to have even more hours!

Thanks for letting me share this wonderful news with you!


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