>Let’s get funky…

>I don’t know if it’s because I’ve read so many blogs of people being in a funk lately… or if it’s the beginning of work jitters… or the full moon… or something else… I just haven’t been very creative lately. I feel lazy and only want to curl up on the couch and watch bad television or even just lay down on my bed, watching the ceiling fan go round and round and listening to the street noise and the sounds of nature. I don’t know. I’ve got too many ideas in my head running around and bumping into one another (thus sometimes creating more ideas!) yet I can’t seem to get them out of there.

I need to get rid of stuff. I have too many things that aren’t being used and that just gather dust and create silent chaos. I’m going to start taking pictures of things I won’t keep and then just get rid of stuff. More than likely, I’ll offer things on FreecycleMtl if people are willing to come and get them. Have you ever heard of Freecycle? It’s a great way to give a second (or third or fourth) life to some of the things that clutter your life. As they say: One person’s trash is another one’s treasure!


4 thoughts on “>Let’s get funky…

  1. >Hmmm, I know exactly what you are talking about. But, take a deep breath and tell yourself it’s ok to slack off sometimes. Besides… you just got back to work! Give yourself a break :-)))CC

  2. >Yes, I think the moon may be responsible for some of the funk around here – though the heat hasn’t helped much either. Hope you’re feeling better now and having a good first week back at work!

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