>Deposit only

This is my bank of good thoughts. Whenever I come across a post of someone asking for good thoughts for themselves or people they know, I write their name on a piece of paper with the date and the reason for their request (health, finances, support, etc.) This is my way of sending good, positive vibes out to those who need it. And I know that if I ever need those vibes myself, they will be returned. Everyone should have a bank like this. Make it as positive as you like. Mine has lots of glitter and its main colour is blue because to me it’s a healing, peaceful, positive colour.


5 thoughts on “>Deposit only

  1. >I think this is my first visit here. How have I missed your delightful blog, and your great collages and other art on Flickr? I think your good thoughts jar is a terrific idea. Put a thought in for me…sometimes I need one. And put one in especially for Gemma…I think she is in need too.Hmmmm, laying on the bed listening to street sounds and watching the ceiling fan, and not able to put to task all those ideas running thru your head…LOL Been there done that! You are not alone. 😉

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