>Of work and swaps…

>My first week at work, with my group of 4th graders, went well. I have a good group. I know I’ll have a fun year with them. Quite a few of them can’t wait to do crafts and I’m bringing a truck-load of new ideas to this school so it’s exciting. Of course, with the bit of stress that comes with every new school year, there are a few anxiety filled dreams. I know they’ll go away soon but it’s still a bother for now.

I signed up for a swap on Violette’s message board. The theme is mermaids. I love swaps, I love the theme as well. My problem is that I always wonder if what I’m doing and sending is good enough, if it’s as good as what others are doing/sending. Do other artists and crafters feel this way or is it just me? I’m supposed to send just one mermaid and an ATC but knowing myself, I know I’ll send more than is required. Insecurities… what a pain!

I’m thinking of joining a gym. It would certainly be a better place to workout than my tiny living room. And it would be a good way to meet new people I think. I might try a week for free and see if I like the place.


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