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>Art Journal

>I have tons of blank journals waiting to be filled with colours, ideas, drawings, ramblings. Whenever I walk into a bookstore and office supply store, I can’t help but look at, touch, smell the blank journals. I love the different coulours they have, different textures, the fact that some are lined and some are completely blank. I, Sophie Tousignant aka MissKoolAid, am a journal junkie!

But I finally gave in to use of my beloved blank journal. It’s from a company called Le Thé des écrivains, which means The Writer’s Tea. I couldn’t resist a name like that or the colourful papers used to make this journal. For the first page, I decided to stay with the base colour (pink) and add patterned paper before writing and doodling and adding accents. I like the results.

The second and third pages were done, at first, with the idea of a two-page spread so I used the same patterned papers on both pages. I again doodled over the whole thing and added a layer of paint to match the feel of each page. I added things from my morning routine: a tea packet with the tag, a piece of paper towel and a plastic thing-a-majig that keeps bread bags closed. Both pages inspired me to write about recycling, reusing, being more conscious about what we use and how we use it every day. Environment issues have been on my mind all summer and I’m trying my darnedest to have a better ecological footprint.

There might be more pages of my art journals (yes I have more than one) shown here eventually. Art doesn’t always have to be fancy or even pretty. Art is a way of life if you ask me.

I received lots of goodies I ordered from ArtChixStudio (hint hint Catherine!) and some beautiful prints from TheBlackApple. Can’t wait to have the latter framed and hung on my walls.

Thanks for reading. Have a super weekend!