>Darned Technology

>A few weeks ago, I had to buy a new mouse because the one I had been using stopped clicking. Today I had to go buy a new keyboard because the one I had before only worked 1 out of 5 times. Fun, huh? Now I have to get used to typing with this new sleek keyboard that has a lot more keys than the other had. Kind of scary but I’ll get used to it. Meanwhile, forgive any typos that might appear in my posts or comments or other typed texts.

My artist journal is on loan! Huh? Wha? Yep, my mother wanted to look at it and show it to the kids she works with (6th graders) to try and get them interested in a similar project. It’s for a good cause so I said ok. Besides, I can always start another journal in one of my many MANY other blank books (couldn’t resist buying another one at the dollar store yesterday!) Or I could always do something else like paint (one of the “citrus” paintings still hasn’t been finished)… or knit (that white scarf is almost done)… or scrapbook (tons of pictures, tons of papers waiting to be assembled into beautiful layouts)… or make cards (you can never make too many cards)… or anything else really… heck, I could start a completely new project like the surprise ball at Lisa Vollrath’s site. So many opportunities.

For now, I’ll go feed the purring monster and get started on supper.