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>Of Mermaids and Halloween

Finally, I can show the mermaids I made for the swap on Violette’s message board. These were sent to Sioux. The first one is an altered playing card doll. The picture didn’t come out well but I can tell you there’s glitter on her tail!

The second one is a paper spool collage. Of course, I used an image from ArtChixStudio on it.

The third one is a little watercolour painting with glitter added on the tail.

I’ve been wanting to do little banners like these and last night (seeing as I couldn’t fall asleep even though I had to wake up earlier than usual this morning) seemed as good a time as any to start. I’ve been very inspired by all the Halloween art I’ve seen out there in blogland and in magazines so that’s the theme I used. So the black and white one was done last night with finishing touches added this morning. The purple one I started this morning and finished this afternoon. The beauty of working small shifts in the day (lunchtime and after-school) is that it gives me time to create stuff and then walk away for a few hours before going back to it and seeing it in a different light (literally!)