>Inspiration and life

>If you haven’t yet, go visit SuziBlu’s blog and YouTube page. She rocks. Watching her Vlogs makes me want to buy a digital video cam and shoot my own mini videos or my art and Diesel.

Since I started putting her on a leash and taking her out on the balcony, Diesel has been meowing and crying every morning and after lunch to go out. She doesn’t mind the leash at all. I’ll have to bring her on the grass before we get snow. Soon.

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a vegetarian. I even wanted to be vegan. You know what made me change my mind? I love LOVE love milk and cheese, well dairies in general. And I LOVE my father’s roast beef. So as much as I love animals and want them to be safe and happy and such, I can’t be a vegetarian.

Now I’ll go create in my journal before watching a bit of television. Heroes is on tonight. I’m addicted.


One thought on “>Inspiration and life

  1. >Sophie,I feel the same way about Suziblu, and now Violette is doing videos, I want to do something now. It sure looks like fun.. I too am a big Heroes fan..Kate

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