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>Self Portrait

>I’m an artist who likes to experiment with different techniques and different medium. I do acrylic painting, watercolour, mixed media. I collage and make assemblage. I dwell in scrapbooking and cardmaking. I write. I sing. I’ll do pretty much anything as long as it’s creative and artistic in some way. I love textures and colours and smells. I always smell my paints when I open the tubes or pots or what-have-you. And I always touch and smell my papers. I love to run a brand new paintbrush on the back of my hand and on my neck. Some people say I’m crazy, weird, eccentric. I say THANK YOU! and so be it!

I like art, artists, painting, cats, crows, squirrels, animals in general, playing guitar, creating, dreaming, day-dreaming, wearing colourful clothes, Halloween, making my own things, movies, music, writing, nature, paint on my face, paint on my hands, apple-picking, petting my cat, playing, reading, singing, sleeping, talking to animals, the smell of flowers, the smell of food, walking by the lake, watching sappy love movies and bad teenage dramas, working (told you i’m crazy!) and so much more!!!


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