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>Art Journal Pages and Birthday!

Just a little post. Here are 2 more pages in my smaller Art Journal. You can’t see it from the scan but the backgrounds are done with Metallic Watercolours (found at a dollar store!) so there’s a bit of a shimmer there. I didn’t want anything complicated on the curtain page so I did some drawing and doodling with a fine marker. Filled in the curtains with a Sharpie PosterPaint Marker. Wrote the line with a permanent marker and then put some pink crayon over the “stage” background. I like it like that.

The second page also started with the Metallic Watercolours. Then I covered it with crayons. Then with acrylic paint mixed with a tiny bit of gesso. Then I put a heart shaped PostIt and crayoned over it. It looked like a lion’s mane so I went with that. Finished the drawing with permanent markers and Signo pen. The tab is a piece of scrapbook paper covered with masking tape that was then doodled over with permanent markers. So far this is my favourite page in this journal.

In a few hours (6:28am EST to be exact,) I’m turning 30. Yep, I’m THAT young! Most people I know were scared by that number. Not me, no sirry bob! I’m embrassing this new number, this new decade. I’ve been through some rough patches in the past and I figure that it’s time I had fun and a great life. I love my job and I mean LOVE my job. I have a wonderful family who support and encourage me. I have few but VERY IMPORTANT friends (well I’m finding more and more friends thanks to blogland and the magic of the internet.) I’m planning a great trip for next summer. Things are going my way and I want more more MORE!

Happy Birthday to me. And you know what? Happy UNbirthday to all of you! We should celebrate each and everyday because life is a gift in itself. Now I’m off to bed. Goodnight, sweet dreams…