>Of friends, cards and a boy

>Last night, my mother and I went to my friend Catherine‘s place for a Halloween themed evening. We’re scrapbookers and cardmakers so we like to meet for a crop night and work on projects. I had no idea what to work on so after drinks, chatting, showing my art journal to Steph, Catherine’s daughter, mounting new rubber stamps, I finally made this Christmas card. It’s very simple and very anti-christmas colours but I like it. I started another card but still need to finish it before I can post a picture.

Remember my Super Ordinary Boy? Steph and her friend said last night that if I made a book about this little guy, they’d buy it and would tell all their friends to buy it. Well it got me thinking and all of a sudden, S.O.B. (as he will now be referred to) started appearing with my main character for Nanowrimo. I think I might have a twinkling of an idea for my story! Woohoo!

Rainy day. I slept in late and have been feeling kind of yucky all day. Chicken broth didn’t seem to help so it’s not a cold. Maybe my body’s telling me something… I’ll go work on my triptych for a shrine I’m making (from Violette‘s e-class at Go-Make-Art.)


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