>10k and still going strong

>Yes! I crossed the 10 000 words mark tonight! It feels amazing! My story isn’t going anywhere but I don’t care! I’m still typing and exploring. Ideas keep popping up and I’m taking notes. I now know that one of my characters, which I thought would be there until the end, must die but fortunately it’s natural causes.

I received this colourful card and magnet from Violette yesterday. Thank you so much! I love them. (Note to self: I have to find better ways to take pictures of artwork and gifts and I have to learn how to use my new camera.)

I’m feeling much better than yesterday. My stomach isn’t making as much noise as it did the past few days. My head doesn’t hurt anymore and I have less sinus pressure. Hooray for that! I hope everyone had a nice day and that my Nano buddies are doing great! Keep at it girls! Together, we can make it to the finish line!


>Of writing and receiving surprises

>Fifth day of Nanowrimo. I haven’t given up yet! My word count is a little below what it should be (about 700 words less than what I expected to be at) but considering I haven’t been feeling well yesterday and today it’s pretty darn good. My characters are talking to me and my story is going to take a twist I never saw coming til today. I took notes because that’s not where I’m at right now in the story. I think that having told people about doing Nanowrimo and having friends to encourage me through blogging and comments and such is really helping me to do this and see it through to the end.

Violette sent me a cute card and a magnet that she made. I love getting mail especially when I don’t expect anything! I ordered a few things from Botanical Paperworks and they shipped it this morning so I should probably receive it sometime next week. It’s plantable paper! Cool, huh? You give a card to someone and instead of throwing it away, storing it in a box where they’ll never see it or recycle it, they can just plant it and they’ll have beautiful flowers! I think this is amazing. I’ll take a picture when my order gets here.

I’m feeling a bit better. No longer have nausea which is a good thing. I still have sinus pressure headache and now my stomach is making these monstrous sounds (worse than that night at your house Catherine!) Now I’m off to bed. Working early tomorrow morning, filling in for one of my coworkers. Extra money is always welcome! (Hear that Universe?) 😉