>The lines of miscommunications…

>… are now closed! Yes, instead, I’m opening up my lines of communications. Let me explain.

This week, I stumbled across this test and one of the result was that my throat chakra is over-active. It said that with an over-active throat chakra you tend to speak too much, usually to domineer and keep people at a distance. You’re a bad listener if this is the case.

I always thought I was a good listener so I ignored that last part. I shouldn’t have. Tonight I realized that this week, I did not take the time to really read (ie listen) to a friend’s email and I made a bit of a fool of myself. It was nothing serious but still, this is an eye opener. The Universe is telling me to slow down and pay attention, to listen, really listen, to the world around me, to the people around me. So now, I will be more careful and more open, more aware and more understanding.

Maybe I should start getting into meditation to realign my chakras and to open the closed ones and re-balance the over active ones. In the meantime, I’ll go journal a bit.