>Time flies and a sneak peek

>Wow, time really flies by. In two weeks, it’ll already be the holidays. So that means 10 days of work and then I’m off for 2 weeks! In the past years I started counting the days a month or so before Christmas. But this year, I’m having so much fun at my job and creating and I’ve been so busy with Nanowrimo that I haven’t stopped to think about it. I can hardly believe the holidays are so close!

Talking about creating… This is a sneak peek of a painting I’m working on. I can’t show much or say much about it right now. I haven’t painted on a canvas since at least summer and I gotta say, it feels good! I think I’m going to do more paintings during the holidays as well as work in my art journals.

Back in October, my brother had given me, for my birthday, a gift card from my favourite art supply store. I hadn’t had a chance to use it since so today I decided to treat myself to a few new goodies. I found some small alphabet rubber stamps that were exactly what I was looking for for my journals. I also bought some real crayons (you know, Crayola wax crayons… I love the smell!), some new pens and white acrylic ink (everyone’s talking about it on Samantha Kira’s mailing list so I thought I’d get in on the action!) Found some cute rubber stamps (a kit of flowers, leaves, stems and vases… ) As if I really needed all of it. But you know what? I’ve been doing SO good with food lately that I decided to reward myself and that was just what I needed.

On that note, I bid you good evening/good night and hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.