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>Love art Love yourself

>This page is just a mess of crayons and acrylic paint. I didn’t know what I was going for. Started to draw with my new Crayola crayons which I love. Then I painted over everything with some leftover paint and wiped some of it away while it was still wet. After that I stuck on 3 pieces of string that I dipped in the same colour paint (no glue used here, only the paint holding the strings down.) I stamped the “LOVE ART” and the script pattern with StazOn ink and did the squiggle/doodle with my white acrylic ink. That was Saturday. Today, I took the round red stickers and stuck them wherever. Found a photocopy of a picture that a friend took of me 6-7 years ago and glued it on. Attached the frame transparency with brads. Sanded over the red stickers before rubbing a brown ink pad over them. Went around the frame with watercolour crayons. Added some more colour with Crayola crayons after stamping a little flower over and over. Tried to add gold to the strings with my gold leafing pen (it’s not working properly) and finally, scribbled on and around the heart with my new Faber-Castell permanent marker. And I think I’m done with the page.

Someone asked me how I work on my pages. Most of the times, I work intuitively. Meaning that I don’t have an exact idea of what I’m doing. Sometimes I’ll just start adding colour to a page and see where it takes me after that. Other times, I have at least a theme in mind and try to work around it. When I draw an image or a character, it’s usually because it “pops” in my head. I’m a visual person. I like to see something to understand it better. Also, I can visualize many things in my mind. When I read a book, I see exactly what is described, like I’m there. When a character pops up in my mind, it’s as if it becomes alive and speaks to me. Don’t worry, it doesn’t tell me to do dangerous things! :-p

So, basically, what I’m trying to say is this: I don’t have one particular method that I follow every time I am working on a page or on any kind of art. I just put things next to one another or on top of one another until I find just the right composition. It’s a sort of “trial and error” process. I hope this helps you understand my process. Or maybe I’m just making things more confusing, I don’t know! See, this is why I am not a teacher!

Thank you to everyone who stops by and to those who leave comments. It always makes my day a little brighter when I get friendly comments.


4 thoughts on “>Love art Love yourself

  1. >Your page is beautiful. Thanks for the detailed description of the process you went through. Its very helpful to me since I’m just starting into some medias.

  2. >And a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for stopping by my blog! I felt so much better when I woke up and saw all the awesome comments and support ! THank you! I love your ‘intuitive ‘ works!

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