>A day for changes

>Contrary to a lot of people I know, I like wearing glasses. Even when they fog up in winter, even if they get full of snow and rain. I like my face with glasses. Two years ago, I had found the perfect glasses. Dark red plastic that made my blue eyes shine. A funky design (the lenses finish straight yet the rim rounds up at the ends.) I loved my glasses. I just came back from shoveling snow and I had left my glasses in my breast pocket of my coat. When I came in, my glasses were broken in half! Nooo!!! I can’t drive without them. Everything is fuzzy and I’m not 100% confident. I need my glasses. Luckily, my mom has pretty much the same prescription as I do and she still has some old glasses that are in okay shape. So I called her and she’s on her away here with a pair of glasses I can wear for a few days. As soon as I’ll put them on, I’m getting in my car and going to Costco for a new pair! Hopefully it won’t take too long to get them.

Until I come back with a more artsy post, click on this link to view a cute video.

Now that’s what I call love!


2 thoughts on “>A day for changes

  1. >I got mine from costco too! And my daughters boyfriend who wanted some new ones for Christmas just got his there too! They have an awesome selection! We were just talking about what would happen if you broke your glasses. I can’t see a thing, thankfully I keep some old sets. But they are hideous now! Sucks to have to buy new ones so close to Christmas.Hope you put them up on your blog!Peace Giggles

  2. >Oh noooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Tragedy!!! Good luck with this saga, SophiThé.BTW, tell Maman Kool-Aid that I have received my Outlines Rubber Stamps today. I am doing the happy dance!

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