>Happy Holidays

>As promised, here is a photograph of the stripped present. It’s one of the presents for my mother (her name is Angelle.)

The second photograph is of another present, wrapped in that dollar store handmade paper. The “R” was done with white acrylic paint sponged over a handmade stencil (I really love how it came out!) and highlighted with some silver glitter glue. The tag that adorns it is from Botanical Paperworks and is a planteable tag. Flower seeds are embedded in the paper so you can plant it and it will produce beautiful wild flowers. Fun, huh?

Following in Angie‘s footsteps, I decided that for 2008 (and maybe beyond… or as long as I can do it) I will NOT buy stuff. Check out the Story of Stuff. You might be surprised… So what does this mean? Well, it means I will not buy something unless I absolutely positively NEED it and that includes art supplies. So, no new clothes. No more scrapbooking papers and supplies. No more paints (I can make my own with powdered pigments I have left from art classes at University.) No CDs. No books.

This should be interesting. Also, with this personal challenge, I want to add another one: Get rid of useless stuff! I have some things laying around that haven’t been used in a year, two years, five years… Some that have NEVER been used. Time to get rid of it. Books that I don’t read anymore and don’t plan on reading in the future will be donated or bookcrossed. CDs that I don’t listen to will be copied onto my computer and then sold or donated to Village des Valeurs. Other things, like clothes, will be reused, re-purposed, transformed… I have way too much stuff and it’s taking too much space. Also, I’ve read in a book that if your space is cluttered with useless stuff, it drains your energy. I believe it. By getting rid of stuff, I will be making room in my life for other things (like love and friendship.) It’s a big challenge but I feel ready to face it.

On that note, I hope everyone will be spending the next few days with loved ones, in peace, harmony, love and happiness. Merry Christmas and all that stuff!!!