>One World One Heart Giveaway

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Okay! Here it is! My giveaway for the One World One Heart Event in Bloglandia!

Here’s how it works. To be eligible for this giveaway, you must leave a comment on THIS POST (not any other) and have an ACTIVE blog. If you don’t have one yet, it’s easy to start one so go ahead and dive into blogging! And remember to visit the OWOH blog for all the other giveaways. There’s is lots of beautiful stuff being offered out there so go look.

The prize: an altered slide mailer! This is the main prize as I plan to add little bits to the package but I don’t know what yet (probably one of my paper spool collages of course!)

So again, for a chance to win, leave a comment on THIS POST and have an active blog. The winner will be picked on February 14th and announced on an UPDATED version of this post AND a new post.

Good luck and thanks for participating!

Edit on Feb 11th: There will be three winners for my giveaway. I’m in the process of making two more slide mailers (colours and images will vary) and will try to post pictures before the weekend.
Also, regular blogging will return after OWOH. I need more time to create for myself!

Edit on Feb 5th: Those who comment and don’t have a blog listed on their Blogger profile, please make sure that you leave a link to an ACTIVE blog since this is an event to meet other bloggers. I started visiting the blogs listed and will continue to do so even after the event. This is NOT a giveaway just for “giving’s sake.” If you’ve already commented without leaving a way for me to see your blog, please email me a link at sophietousignant[at]videotron[dot]ca. Thank you.


>Art Cards

>Busy times. I’ve been asked to fill in for one of my coworkers yesterday and today morning. It’s only one hour each time I do it but it’s that much more money on my paycheck too! Plus, today we had an extended meeting (an hour and a half instead of the usual 30 minutes so even more money!) This morning, as I was on my walk, I kept thinking that this week is a great week for extra money (no particular reason other than I would like to have a bit more money these days.)

Yesterday was Catherine’s Open House for the new Stampin Up! line and catalog. Lots of people showed up. It was fun. I saw an ex-coworker I hadn’t seen since almost a year (we used to work together at the store) so that was nice.

A lot of busy days/weeks coming up. I might not be able to blog as regularly as I have lately but I will be creating daily! And I’ll definitely blog for the OWOH giveaway. I know what I’m giving away now I just have to complete it! And I’ll do that as soon as I put this post to bed. 😉

Images for today are art cards from the last few days. The first and second one are my Daily Art Cards and the third is my fourth entry for the Deck Of Me Challenge. The theme was “a symbol you love” and I chose the fleur-de-lys, a symbol of my heritage (being french canadian and all…)
And apparently I have a thing for hearts these days!

Thanks for looking and come back before the weekend for the giveaway!


>Art Cards, WIP, giveaway and life

>So I’ve had this post open for 10 minutes and don’t know what to type.

I slept in late today. I was exhausted apparently. It felt good. So far, I haven’t been very productive. I did go grocery shopping. And not much cooking. I prepared a chick pea salad (dressing on the side) for the next few days. And the only actual cooking was wild rice to which I added canned tuna and whole kernel corn. A bit of lemony spices and olive oil and I had a simple yet delicious meal. No muffins today. I’ll have time tomorrow morning seeing as I am filling in for one of my coworkers in the morning and will come back home afterwards.

I finally decided not to order from ArtChix this time around. Instead, I’ll be ordering rubber stamps next week. I got a new DVD yesterday while shopping with mom: Moulin Rouge! One of my favourite movies. Ewan McGregor singing… Mmmm…

The first two images are my Art Cards for Friday and Saturday. The first one using supplies from ArtChix and the second one was done very quickly last night using rub-ons, a piece of newspaper, watercolour crayon, permanent marker for doodling, white acryclic ink with dip pen and gel pen for colouring the heart.

Finally, the last two images are works in progress. The first one is for Valentine ATCs and the second one is for my “connect” page for Emily‘s art journal challenge.

I finally decided what I’m giving away for the One World One Heart Giveaway. You’ll get to see what it is and sign up for it some time this week. Be sure to visit the blog to have access to other giveaways. Some people already have them up on their blog and there’s lots of interesting stuff!

I’m thinking of signing up for a Chunky Book Swap on the ArtChix Yahoo Group. Haven’t made up my mind yet though. I still have time to think about it.

Well, that’s it. It took me nearly one hour for this little post.


>I went on a date…

>… with myself, that is! Ha ha! Got you going, huh?

At the beginning of the week, I had decided that tonight, I was finally bringing my two very full and very heavy garbage bags of clothes to donate to Village des Valeurs (a second hand store.) And after that, I was to go have a nice latte at Second Cup. Well, I did exactly that! Except that while at Village, I decided to look around, see if there was anything interesting for me. I found quite a few things but put a lot back on the shelves including a nice leather carrying case for a camera. What I did buy is in the next picture…

A basket-type bag (been looking for one for a while… will be great to go to the market come summer time), 2 old books dated 1929 and 1931 and a pair of shoes (been looking for a pair like this and could never find the right ones… these are perfect!) And the big total was??? $17.55 including taxes. Not bad, huh? And I even used the bag to carry everything out so no plastic bag for me!

I left my new belongings in the car to go to Second Cup. It was quiet when I got there (a little after 8pm) so there was plenty of room to sit. I got a medium latte and something to eat that the girl called an apple pudding. It resembled a muffin but was heavier and not as sweet. Very tasty. While enjoying my latte and dessert, I doodled and scribbled in one of my journals that I had been neglecting. The coffee shop filled up just before I left so I guess I had good timing. It was fun and I’ll definitely try the experience again but next time maybe I’ll actually create something more than doodling… It’s one of the things I want to work on this year: creating in public and not hiding myself.

Today’s art is the Art Card I did last night. I used a piece of Bingo paper, a mini loteria card and part of a playing card. The rest is watercolour, oil pastels and ink, plus a label courtesy of Hanna.
Now, I’ll leave you with a photo of my dear Diesel… This one just cracks me up! Goodnight!

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>Remember when I was saying that I’ve taken the No Stuff challenge? I’m really struggling right now. My favourite online shop just got some new goodies and I am SO tempted to treat myself. Maybe I will… just a little bit… I’ll keep thinking about it until the weekend.

I’ve been noticing a lot of synchronicity (or synCROWnicity as Pam puts it!) lately. I’ve been having a lot of strange dreams and I’m sure there’s a message somewhere in there. Recurring themes and images. One word that’s been coming back for the past couple of days is Renaissance. As in rebirth (and once it was as the historical period.) It was even in one of my dreams. I remember that it was written on a black board in a classroom (I’ve been dreaming a lot about being back in school lately.) It said “entre deux renaissances” which basically translates to “between two rebirths.” Hmm. Interesting. In my quest to living a greener life, I’ve had the idea to make my own net bags for fruits and veggies instead of using those flimsy plastic bags they have at the grocery store. A few days after I had that thought, JoyceAnn was talking about the same thing on her blog. Little things. Big things. Lots of synchronicity. I’m loving it.

So far this week, I’ve really been watching what I eat. Not counting calories or anything like that but I make sure to eat enough from all food groups and especially fruits and veggies. I’m doing really well. Also, today was my fourth day in a row that I’ve been walking, and not just the walk back and forth to work. At least 10 minutes each day. I’m feeling good. I’m enjoying it. Life is beautiful.

Before I go, I want to direct you to Lisa Vollrath’s upcoming countdown. And today’s image is last night’s Art Card. Made with Stampin Up! papers and Amercian Crafts rub-ons. Using up that stuff I have on hand.


>The sound of snow

>Full moon tonight. My cat’s been acting weird yesterday and today so I’m hoping that is why. It snowed steadily all day. The kids were really happy about that. I decided to enjoy the weather (it wasn’t too cold) after work and took a detour to walk home. It usually takes me 5 minutes when I take the shortest way, tonight I took the 15 minutes way. It was so quiet all around. I love the sound of snow falling. Only people who have been standing outside on a snow day can understand what I mean by that. I’m beginning to enjoy this winter. In a few weeks, we have a family get-together on my father’s side. We meet up in the country, in one of my uncles’ cabin in the woods. We haven’t done this in probably 15 years so I’m really looking forward to it. My mother and I plan to go snow-shoeing in the forest, like we used to when I was a kid. Should be fun!

I only have my Daily Art Cards from yesterday and today to show you. The top one is simply doodling on cardstock. The bottom one is watercolour, Black Indian Ink, wax crayons and Conte pastels (it’s like chalk) on cardstock. The colours and theme for the bottom one is from a challenge extended by my dear friend CeeCee. Visit this post for more information about the challenge. I did knit last night and plan on doing more knitting before going to sleep. I find it very relaxing.

That’s all for today. Thanks for visiting. Oh and if anyone has an idea or suggestion on what I could put up for the upcoming giveaway (see post below), let me know because right now, I have no idea.


>One World One Heart

>I’m participating in the One World-One Heart Giveaway. I don’t know yet what I’ll be giving away. Click on the image to see what it’s all about. I’ll be back later with another post.