>A fresh start

>There’s nothing like the smell of a shiny new year! This is how it’s starting.

Snow. And more snow! This winter, I’m learning to enjoy the season a bit more. I’m not a winter person. Or a summer person, though I do enjoy summer more than winter. I’m more of an in-between kinda girl. I like spring and all the renewal it brings. And I love autumn and the beauty of its colours. This is the first time that I have to walk to go to work. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. And so far, I’m really pleased with myself. Even though I don’t like the cold, I keep walking the short 5 minutes to work every day (well not the past week or this current one as I’m on vacation) without complaining. And I walk back to my apartment after lunchtime (for my lunch break.) And then I do it again in the afternoon. Twenty minutes total in one day. And that’s not counting the days where I fill in for one of my coworkers in the morning. I like this new little routine but it’s not enough to keep me fit. I need to do more.

I don’t like making resolutions. I don’t really believe in them. Probably because I’ve never kept a single one in my life. But… there’s no better time than now to start making changes in my life. I have a lot of projects in mind. Small ones, big ones, crazy ones. I like projects. I especially like starting new ones. But, this year, I have to learn to also see them through. To finish them. Complete past projects that have been abandoned, neglected and left to gather dust. This is a year for changes. I won’t bore you with all the details. One thing I will tell you though is this: I plan to record my days one way or the other. I want to take more pictures of what is around me. I want to take more notes. I want to enjoy my life and have something to show for it in the future. I can’t promise to blog every day but I will certainly try to do it more than I did in the last year. So, my goal is to try and double my posts. I hit 100 on December 30th 2007 (don’t forget to comment here to be eligible for the giveaway) so I hope to be at (or close to) 300 by the same date this year. Here’s hoping!

I hope everyone had a lovely new year celebration. Mine was spent with my family including one of my aunts and a dear friend of the family (she’s pretty much family too!) We had yummy food and lots of laughs.


2 thoughts on “>A fresh start

  1. > I know what you mean about resolutions. I decided to name mine..goals. It helps a bit. I always break resolutions! I love your SNOW! It’s gonna get REAL cold here in the South tonight, like record low temps . In the teens! Whoooo!

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