>Back to scrapbooking

>It’s been a while since I’ve done any real scrapbooking. This page has been waiting to be done for months (since last spring I think.) I finally decided to do it yesterday. To start off, I sanded the edges of the pictures because I felt they looked too perfect (_I_ don’t even know what I mean by that but whatever…) I layered them over a cinema-themed paper and then assembled everything on another cinema-themed paper. Die-cuts, embellishments, journaling (in french) and voilà!

It’s not my best and not my favourite but at least it’s done and now I can move one. I also made an ATC last night for the 7/30/365 Art Card Project. I still don’t now how long I’ll do it but at least I’m doing it. I’ve also started a daily journal like this but instead of calling it a gratitude journal I call it “Every Day Brings Something New.” So the idea is to write down something that I’ve done, seen, heard, etc during the day that was completely new. I’ll try to post pictures soon.

Don’t forget to comment here for the giveaway. I’ll pick a winner Friday around 10 PM EST. Thanks for visiting!


2 thoughts on “>Back to scrapbooking

  1. >Great idea for the “everyday brings something new” journal. What a lovely way to embrace the good of the day instead of letting it escape without notice.

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