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>Every Day Brings Something New

>Here’s a look at the journal I’m working in on a daily basis. As I said before, it was inspired by Emily Falconbridge’s gratitude journal. I made it by picking 52 pieces of paper, cardstock, envelops and whatever else I had on hand. It’s not too big (as you can see next to Diesel who wanted to model it for you!) I stamped the dates and left enough room to journal one or two sentences about what was new in the day. So far, I’ve written about a new perspective of life, new art and a new restaurant I tried.

I really like how it came out and will probably do more journals like this in the future. My take on it forces me to look for something that is new to each day, however big or small that “thing” may be. A way to focus on the positive.

Here’s a look at some of the pages…

And remember, you have until 10 EST tonight to get a chance at winning some of my art (and if you don’t, do not fret… there will be more giveaways in the future.)


One thought on “>Every Day Brings Something New

  1. >So, how was “Sucré, Salé, Crêperie”?Love the idea of your journal. Maybe the one I have started can be turned into something similar. Hmm…now you got me thinkin’, girl!CC

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