>Back to work it is then…

>Today was the first day back to work. Starting with a ped day can be fun and hard too. Luckily, today I was working with Anik and we always get along great.

Yesterday’s cooking was a fun experience for me and I plan to do it more often. I used to by frozen dinners or pre-prepared meals. No more (well, I’m not saying never but not as often as I did before.) I plan to use my Sundays for cooking and baking. Now if only I could have someone to share my cooking with… 😉

Daily art cards 5 and 6 are what you see here. Very simple. Painted background. Patterned paper on the top one and Perfect Pearls dusted over the whole thing. Doodling and watercolour on the bottom one. Now I’m off to do tonight’s card which will be the 7th so my first goal will be accomplished. Now to see if I can make it til the end of the month with these cards…


One thought on “>Back to work it is then…

  1. >I AM LOVING YOUR ART CARDS…you go! I am behind on my creativity plan already! Today, I catch up! ..I used to cook al ot, but since I lost my sense of taste and smell…I don’t do much cooking.

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