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>Creativity abounds

>Okay, where to start. I guess with the images…

This first one is my first page in a new art journal (6.75″ x 8.5″) done for Emily’s challenge. The theme was Commit. This year, I commit to being healthy and happy and to get closer to my perfect weight of 135 lbs (which I was at 17 on this picture.)

Image number two is my second card for Emily’s Deck of Me Challenge. The theme for the second week was :What is powerful to you? Positive thinking is my answer. I’ve noticed in the past months that positive thinking really is powerful. So far mostly small things have happened but a lot of small things leads to bigger things.

Finally, the last two images are my Daily Art Cards for Friday and Saturday. They are quite simple. All drawing is done with permanent marker. Backgrounds with watercolours. Wax crayons and Glossy Accents on the “FUN” card. Oil pastels, Signo pen and PosterPaint Marker on the girl + bird card.

Friday night, mom and I went to CeeCee‘s for a night of crafting and chatting. We always have a lot of fun together and time flies by!

Yesterday, mom and I went shopping. We were unsuccessful in our attempts to find a Wii (which was supposed to be my dad’s Christmas present.)

Today, for the second week in a row, I cooked! There was a vegetarian spread I wanted to try so I bought all the ingredients I needed this morning and made the recipe tonight. It’s yummy! Kind of halfway between a vegetarian spread and a vegepate. I also prepared a cabbage soup which should last quite a few days. Tomorrow morning, I’ll make a new batch of Maple Syrup Muffins but this time, I want to add dried cranberries to the mix. I only wish I had a bigger kitchen to work in, with a bigger freezer. (I have a small fridge with one of those metal ice box that needs to be thawed at least 3-4 times a year…) In due time…


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