>Chasing away the worries

>It’s always the same story. I think I can finally breathe a little easier, save up some money or pay off the credit card and then something else comes up… I try not to think about it, not to let the worrying thoughts enter my brain, my heart… but it’s not easy. I’m not asking to be a multi-millionaire… I just want to have enough money to pay my bills, pay off my credit card, buy a house (doesn’t have to be a big one) where I can have a studio/work room and have enough left over for a little trip once in a while. Is that so much to ask? *sigh* It’ll happen… one day… I just have to have faith…

I didn’t have anything new to show you so I looked through my pictures of last year. These pictures are of a little book I made last summer. I had all these triangle-shaped pieces leftover from another project and decided to make a book out of them. The title is “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice” so everything inside has to do with little girls. I used things I had on hand: stickers, rub-ons, printed images, scraps of ribbon, flowers, etc. It’s no major work of art but it’s cute and it was a good way to use up things I already had and which might have never been used otherwise.

I’m off to do my Daily Art Card… Goodnight!