>The sound of snow

>Full moon tonight. My cat’s been acting weird yesterday and today so I’m hoping that is why. It snowed steadily all day. The kids were really happy about that. I decided to enjoy the weather (it wasn’t too cold) after work and took a detour to walk home. It usually takes me 5 minutes when I take the shortest way, tonight I took the 15 minutes way. It was so quiet all around. I love the sound of snow falling. Only people who have been standing outside on a snow day can understand what I mean by that. I’m beginning to enjoy this winter. In a few weeks, we have a family get-together on my father’s side. We meet up in the country, in one of my uncles’ cabin in the woods. We haven’t done this in probably 15 years so I’m really looking forward to it. My mother and I plan to go snow-shoeing in the forest, like we used to when I was a kid. Should be fun!

I only have my Daily Art Cards from yesterday and today to show you. The top one is simply doodling on cardstock. The bottom one is watercolour, Black Indian Ink, wax crayons and Conte pastels (it’s like chalk) on cardstock. The colours and theme for the bottom one is from a challenge extended by my dear friend CeeCee. Visit this post for more information about the challenge. I did knit last night and plan on doing more knitting before going to sleep. I find it very relaxing.

That’s all for today. Thanks for visiting. Oh and if anyone has an idea or suggestion on what I could put up for the upcoming giveaway (see post below), let me know because right now, I have no idea.


4 thoughts on “>The sound of snow

  1. >Hi Miss Kool! boy..I would love a snowy day! I lived in Calagary for a year and I know snow! ha. Your trip to the cabin in the woods sounds awesome. Think of me when you are out there snowshoe-ing. Take pictures! ..your cards are great..I love the tree! ..For the giveaway..create some art..you are very talented and everyone would love it!

  2. >I also love the sound of the snow. I like to wake up during the night and hear the silence of the snow, then steal to the window like a child to watch and say “Thank You”.Susan K.

  3. >The sound of snow and the vision of seeing those big heavy flakes glisten in the street lights. Its the very best reason to take a nice walk. I agree with Pam, make some art for the give away. You do lovely work and anyone would adore having some of it.

  4. >Oh yeah!!! (clapping my hands) It’s beautiful.And yes, make some more art to give away. And this time, make sure I win. HAHAHA!Thanks for rising to my challenge.CC

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