>Art Cards, WIP, giveaway and life

>So I’ve had this post open for 10 minutes and don’t know what to type.

I slept in late today. I was exhausted apparently. It felt good. So far, I haven’t been very productive. I did go grocery shopping. And not much cooking. I prepared a chick pea salad (dressing on the side) for the next few days. And the only actual cooking was wild rice to which I added canned tuna and whole kernel corn. A bit of lemony spices and olive oil and I had a simple yet delicious meal. No muffins today. I’ll have time tomorrow morning seeing as I am filling in for one of my coworkers in the morning and will come back home afterwards.

I finally decided not to order from ArtChix this time around. Instead, I’ll be ordering rubber stamps next week. I got a new DVD yesterday while shopping with mom: Moulin Rouge! One of my favourite movies. Ewan McGregor singing… Mmmm…

The first two images are my Art Cards for Friday and Saturday. The first one using supplies from ArtChix and the second one was done very quickly last night using rub-ons, a piece of newspaper, watercolour crayon, permanent marker for doodling, white acryclic ink with dip pen and gel pen for colouring the heart.

Finally, the last two images are works in progress. The first one is for Valentine ATCs and the second one is for my “connect” page for Emily‘s art journal challenge.

I finally decided what I’m giving away for the One World One Heart Giveaway. You’ll get to see what it is and sign up for it some time this week. Be sure to visit the blog to have access to other giveaways. Some people already have them up on their blog and there’s lots of interesting stuff!

I’m thinking of signing up for a Chunky Book Swap on the ArtChix Yahoo Group. Haven’t made up my mind yet though. I still have time to think about it.

Well, that’s it. It took me nearly one hour for this little post.


6 thoughts on “>Art Cards, WIP, giveaway and life

  1. >I like your art cards. How do you like using the water soluble crayons? Are rub-ons like decals except sticky? I think that’s what my daughter decorated her hallway walls with but not sure. I really liked Moulin Rouge – the new version. My husband liked an old movie version better.

  2. >Hi Sophie…AKA Miss Koolaid!!!!!I can’t get over how much fun this OWOL is. I have met so many new friends!!Thanks for stopping by my blog ;-}I’m enjoying yours.. Lots to see and read… Your work is awesome.I will check back another time…. It’s late and I need my beauty sleep to-night VBG. Stayed up til 4am lastnight finishing up an order….LOLCreate on my friend…((((hugs))))Maggie

  3. >After teasing us with the date tag line you went on to add all the heart art. The connection made me smile. I love your cards as usual. Cant wait to see what your giveaway is.

  4. >your cards are fabulous!!!very well done job! Now guess what I am checking all of your links, LOLand probably I am wishing to shop tooxxP.S. I love your name Miss Koolaid!

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