>One World One Heart Giveaway

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Okay! Here it is! My giveaway for the One World One Heart Event in Bloglandia!

Here’s how it works. To be eligible for this giveaway, you must leave a comment on THIS POST (not any other) and have an ACTIVE blog. If you don’t have one yet, it’s easy to start one so go ahead and dive into blogging! And remember to visit the OWOH blog for all the other giveaways. There’s is lots of beautiful stuff being offered out there so go look.

The prize: an altered slide mailer! This is the main prize as I plan to add little bits to the package but I don’t know what yet (probably one of my paper spool collages of course!)

So again, for a chance to win, leave a comment on THIS POST and have an active blog. The winner will be picked on February 14th and announced on an UPDATED version of this post AND a new post.

Good luck and thanks for participating!

Edit on Feb 11th: There will be three winners for my giveaway. I’m in the process of making two more slide mailers (colours and images will vary) and will try to post pictures before the weekend.
Also, regular blogging will return after OWOH. I need more time to create for myself!

Edit on Feb 5th: Those who comment and don’t have a blog listed on their Blogger profile, please make sure that you leave a link to an ACTIVE blog since this is an event to meet other bloggers. I started visiting the blogs listed and will continue to do so even after the event. This is NOT a giveaway just for “giving’s sake.” If you’ve already commented without leaving a way for me to see your blog, please email me a link at sophietousignant[at]videotron[dot]ca. Thank you.


203 thoughts on “>One World One Heart Giveaway

  1. >I just HAD to enter your give away – I love the pic you took of your slide-mailer – very cool:):) CarenPS: Please have a look at my blog for the give-away I’m adding to this fabulous event! Love to see you over there!

  2. >I have just taken a trip through your blog…my what nice cards AND a wonderful kitty…love the name Diesel!!!Your slide mount book looks really nice, please put my name in the hat for your drawing, then come over to my blog to see what I am giving away!Smiles!

  3. >Add ME!! Isn’t it sooo much fun to have giveaways!!! I just love it! I am participating as well. Please drop by and sign up!Connie in Wyoming USAhttp://alteredroute.blogspot.com

  4. >What a lovely gift your slide mailer is!Isn’t this fun! I’m participating in this OWOH project too! Come over and see! I have already met quite a large number of pariticipants! Take careJanineAustraliahttp://janinea.blogspot.com

  5. >This is a great idea! However, I just moved across country and have most of my stuff in storage. What I would like to do, is go into as many of the blogs as I can and sign in. If my name gets pulled by anyone as a winner, I will donate $100 to AIDS Foundation in memory of my brother. If my name gets selected more than once, I will up the ante an additional $10 every time it gets pulled (greedy I know, but one can dream!!!) If my name is not pulled by anyone, I will still make a $50 donation. This way, everyone is a winner.

  6. >Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love your work and would love to enter yours. So, do you still have your head shaved? I wanted to do it with my friend when she lost all of her hair but shee didnt want me to,so instead I cut it verey short. She passed away a few years ago, but I carry her in my heart every day.thanks,Charlie

  7. >Very pretty — I’m a new blogger and this list One World One Heart blog web sites has been a wonderful treasure trove.I would love to win your art work. Please enter me in your give away. Thanks so much!

  8. >What a gorgeous slide mailer! Please enter my name in your draw and if you haven’t already done so, please come over to my blog to enter my giveaway as well:-) xo

  9. >Wow, look at all these comments. Well, mine is #66 so that’s gotta be lucky, right?! Although I feel priviledged to already own a few of your creations, I definitely would want more. I’ll go read about the OWOH thingy. Thanks for the chance to participante.CC

  10. >Gorgeous work! I wish I could take a break from regular blogging just to create prizes for the giveaway…silly me took on the Thing-A-Day challenge so I can’t. Next year, maybe…Dea

  11. >This is gorgeous! The colors are scrummy!! I’d be thrilled to display this on my bookshelves. Please throw me in and feel free to pop into mine. Let’s hope we all form some great new friendships when this is all over! :-)Cheers,Trudyhttp://wild-oak-design.blogspot.com/2008/02/one-world-one-heart.html

  12. >Hello, nice to meet you and thank you for entering my giveaway. It is a little spooky the similarities between our gifts! I am a new blogger (dont know if you visited the rest of my blog and found that out) so am loving this event for the chance to find some new people. Keep in touch! Bye

  13. >Well, I’m glad you found me, and I’m glad to have found my way back here. Please include me in your draw! Thanks. Looking forward to exploring at leisure over the weekend.

  14. >How could I pass up the opportunity to be the 100th commenter. Yes, please come visit my blog – in fact come visit both my blogs! Nice to meetcha.

  15. >Salut Sophie,c’est un plaisir de parler avec une “cousine”de la “Belle Province”. Je t’ai mise en lien dans ma liste de blogs préférés “OWOH”, comme cela je suis certaine de revenir te visiter un de ces jours et de ne pas oublier ton adresse…je suis un peu tête en l’air parfois.Tes collages sont superbes, svp compte moi dans ta liste cela me ferait vraiment plaisir d’en gagner un. A la revoyure. Pat de la Côte d’Azur

  16. >What does “slide mailer”? mean? I don’t know but I should’ve guessed that you’d be in the giveaway – you’re such a kind spirit and communitymaking always!The art is looking good! XXX

  17. >Thanks for coming by to visit my blog! Lovely offering! I love how you just give a little peek. Tantalizing!Peace and blessings,Rachelhttp://indigoluna.typepad.com

  18. >Hello! I love your artwork! Just fabulous!! This is a WONDERFUL piece!! Please include me in your drawing and I hope I’m lucky on Valentines Day!!Tickled in Texas…Debra Johnsonwarehouseartchix

  19. >I love your style. The altered slide mailer is awesome, too! Thank you for checking out my site. And thanks for offering this! Please enter my name in the drawing.

  20. >How lovely. Count me in too. I am participating also, so please stop by and leave a comment on my give-away. Such a lovely idea to be able to peek into beautiful new blogs like yours. Blessings, Karen

  21. >I love your work!! I am trying to be a self taught altered artist. We’ll see???? Please enter me and thanks for entering mine!! This is fun!!Sherryhttp://ificouldsetmysoulfree.blogspot.com/2008/02/what-is-one-world-one-heart-it-is-blog.html

  22. >This is too much fun! I have found your blog through My One World – One Heart Giveaway and wanted to invite you to visit my blog. I am having a give away of an original pen and ink drawing for my One World-One Heart Give Away

  23. >Hi Sophie,Glad to find a fellow Canadian out here in blogland, although I live in the UK now. Thanks for entering my OWOH draw – I’d love to be in yours too. In case Blogger doesn’t lead you there, I’m at kelspace.typepad.comKel x

  24. >thanks for visiting VictorianGypsy and please put my name down for your slide mailer book. I so enjoy visiting all these new places. I’ll be reading for months!

  25. >This is such a fun give away!My birthday is the 27th… I would love to win this for my birthday!I am so glad I found your blog!What fun…..Happy Valentines day!!!!Hugz, Dolly

  26. >This is such an awesome way to meet other artists! How cool! Thanks so much for visiting my site! And please sign me up for your giveaway too! (I love your style! and I too seem to need more time to create just for me, so I feel your pain!!!)

  27. >Yes, please enter me in your drawing…. I love your ideas for the slide mailers! ~Freyahttp://artbyfreya.blogspot.com/2008/02/one-world-one-heart-givaway.html

  28. >Hi Sophie, thanks for popping by a fellow Canadian blog and signing up for my giveaway. Please sign me up I’d love a chance to win your altered slide mailer!God bless,Laurahttp://allaboutpretty.typepad.com/

  29. KJ says:

    >Nicely done! I’d love to see the insides, so I guess I’ll just have to enter…Please include me and thanks for your generosity!KJCalifornia

  30. >Hope that I am not too late to put my name on the list for the giveaway! I’m not sure how your time is compared to Texas time! 8>))I’ve been having computer problems since we had storms yesterday. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. You are in my drawing. I’m going to wait until late, like midnight, on Valentine’s Day to do my drawing. I got started late, so I wanted to give a bit of extra time.This is really a neat thing!

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