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>Of hearts and art

>Back when I was a teenager, I hated Valentine’s day because I always ended up spending it alone and all my friends had boyfriends to go to the movies with. Even in my twenties, I wasn’t really fond of that “holiday.” I started warming up to it when I started working with kids. That was when I realized it wasn’t only about “true love” but about friendship and “all around” love. But this year, with the OWOH event, I’ve had my best Valentine’s Day to date! (PS I learned yesterday that I won a 5th giveaway! Awesome!) And inspired by iHanna, I rediscovered the powerful symbol that is “heart.” It has shown up in my art journals, on my Daily Art Cards, in ATCs. I’ve even sent out valentine cards (ATCs) to friends that I met online! A first for me! At work, I celebrated by wearing pink and red. Made this little red heart brooch out of glittered felt. The necklace I received a few years ago from a kid where I worked. I opted for my favourite pink t-shirt (made in Canada from organic cotton!) I love what is written on it (loosely translated: The Black Sheep – Life is colourful even when you’re stubborn enough to think it’s only black and white.) Cool, huh?

Anyway, I’m sure the heart symbol will keep popping up in my art. You’ve been warned! (And to think that a few years ago I wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing pink or drawing hearts… Believe it or not, I used to be goth… quite a change, huh?)

If you look closely, you can see one of my paintings in the background of that first photo. It was done in 2004 and measures 20″ x 24″. It contains two of my favourite things: a crow and tim-burton-esque mountains! One day I’ll have it framed and hanging properly. Right now, it is resting on a sort of display molding my father made for me back when I was still living at home.

Looking at that painting, I feel a greater need to have a decent studio space where I can create bigger pieces. Seriously, my living room seems to be shrinking! And it doesn’t help that Diesel, though I love her dearly, gets into every open drawer, box, bag and onto every available surface (top of desk, top of table whether full or not, chair, table-top easel… you get my drift.) So until I get my studio, I’m focusing more on small artworks. Like my Daily Art Cards, paper spool collages (I’ll have 4 new ones to show you once I get them photographed properly), ATCs, art journals, etc… After seeing Kal‘s latest creations, I’ve been inspired to do small paintings that I will one day be able to sell at a reasonable price. Some are started but nothing finished yet. So stay tuned!

And on that note, I say to you goodnight. And think good thoughts! The Universe is listening! (I asked for more money and I keep working extra hours every week so that’s good!)


3 thoughts on “>Of hearts and art

  1. >My house seems to be shrinking too!Id love to have a separate studio, but after i did some searching, all the possibilities i found were too expensive for me. So I work in the living/dining room and have to clear the table of my bits and pieces every evening for dinner. It would be so nice to just be able to leave stuff out, to just pick up exactly where i left off last time. Thats ok, i deal with it. I can see my future studio, spacious and full of light and paints and beads and papers and fabrics and threads and…

  2. >What a great quote on the shirt.The joys of crafting with little room. I cant remember the last time DH and I ate at our table. Even on the rare nights I clean my art stuff off, we tend not to use it. Very bad habit.

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