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>Of creatures (which are mostly of the bird variety) and other things

>So I notice that some symbols keep coming back in my art. Of course, we’re aware of the heart symbol which has already been discussed in a previous post but lately, I’ve also seen a variety of birds appear here in there in both my art AND my dreams. Anyone know what dreaming of birds mean? In the past weeks, I’ve had dreams of hawks (but friendly ones), owls and crows. In two dreams, the bird landed on my left arm. Strange. Anyway, I’ve decided to focus some pieces on those birds which explains the second art card you see here at the top and this painting below.

Now. About this painting. I’ve really been inspired by Kal Barteski‘s recent paintings (I’ve told you about them already) and thought I’d have my own take on this idea. I had all those old books of children stories which were missing a lot of pages (library books that were going to be thrown out.) So I decided to paint on the pages individually. Some have really nice illustrations on them so I might try to use those for something else but the pages with only text will be used in this fashion. They measure about 9″ x 12″. I started with a layer of gesso which had been mixed with some pink paint for another project (which is below) and had some left over. The tree came out of nowhere and wanted to be painted purple. So I did (more like lavender if you ask me.) Then the little bird appeared and wanted a swirly sun so I gave it to him. And before I knew it, he had me writing this little bit right in the middle of the painting! (It says: he just knew that one day he would fly to the sun.) This little guy really had a mind of his own. And now he wants siblings and friends to play with so I guess I’ll have to do more paintings. This was a big change for me: painting on something other than canvas and out of my journals. So, tell me what you think of it. Would you pay for something like this? Would others? It would be so wonderful to actually make money from my art, you know what I mean? Others are doing it. Why not me?

This is my latest art journal page. This journal is almost full. Three more pages and I’m done with it. Yikes! Whatever will I do next? Well, I guess I’ll just have to use one of my many other journals patiently waiting on my bookshelf in my bedroom. Maybe go smaller? I don’t know. I have another big spiral journal that I could use but do I want to work this size again? So many questions tonight!

Anyway, like most of my journal pages and art cards lately, this one has lots of layers. And I just noticed that I didn’t use oil pastels on this one which is surprising. I guess I didn’t want the “dirty” or “muddy” look it would bring to the page. This one almost looks clean to me. The drawings are supposed to represent my cat Diesel and myself. My auto-portrait is ok but Diesel is much darker in real life. She’s a big furry purring ball of colours all mixed in together. I also did this page as a response to iHanna‘s prompt to use hearts in our journal. So here’s to you Hanna!

This weekend I’ll show you another small painting and something I received in the mail.


2 thoughts on “>Of creatures (which are mostly of the bird variety) and other things

  1. >Your fly to the sun instantly reminded me of a native american story-I couldn’t remember it exact, it just triggered a shard so I went looking online. didn’t remember what bird was involved and reading this, I still dont remember it being a swallow, but still interesting for your art.I have a few books laying around re: birds and their Native American meanings. Ted Andrews book “Animal Speak” says a hawk is a messenger, protector and visionary. Red tailed hawks are tied to the kundalini and can represent that “childhood visions are becoming empowered and fullfilled” What a great thing to come into your life. I have more I can email ya if you want. I love your works and yes, I think someone would buy that type and style of art. Go for it!

  2. >Love the bird page, it would be so cute in a childs room for example! I think you could sell it but I do not know. I have not luck with selling at all and it all depends onf where, who, why, what and so on. I like it though I haven’t ever bougth art online coz I never have money!The journal page is awesome too, thanks for letting me know you did it! It is SO cute. My friends have two cats, one of them is called Diesel and is orange!

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