>I see a red door…

>But unlike Mick Jagger, I don’t want it painted black.

I attended a photo shoot today with my brother in an industrial building that is usually used for Paintball and Airsoft games. My brother and his friends are Airsoft players and some of them who were present were all dressed up with their paraphernalia. It was really cold though since the building isn’t heated and I didn’t shoot many pictures but it was still good practice and I liked watching my brother and his friends setup for some shots and try different things. We definitely want to repeat the experience when it’s warmer.

And speaking of warm and red… guess what I did yesterday!

At first I was thinking of maybe a few red highlights but then we went for a lot more. My hairdresser is really great and doesn’t push products or cuts or colours on us. She lightened about 1/4 of my hair for the colour to really show and have depth and volume. I’ve been wanting red hair for about 15 years now and I finally did it. I love it!

This week is March Break. I already have at least 2 days booked (but with fun stuff and with my favourite people.) Hopefully I’ll be able to get some rest too.

Another present from OWOH arrived Friday. I’ll show it this week. Cheers!