>Quick post

>A quick post tonight.

Today, I had lunch with Catherine. It felt great to be out and about in the middle of a week day! After our meal, we went to Chapters and I ended up buying on book: The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery by Karen Michel. I had been wanting to look at it for a while and today was the day. I really like some of her ideas so I treated myself. One book isn’t so bad. It used to be that whenever I walked into a bookstore, I’d end up leaving with at least 3 books and or magazines. Even though I’m still buying stuff, I’m at least thinking about the pros and cons before buying said stuff. Heck, after 5 years of living on my own, 2 years of scrapbooking and altered arts, I finally bought an embossing gun! Used to be I would only heat emboss when I was crafting with mom.

Anyway, I’m off to bed soon so I leave you with the 4 paper spool collages I made for a swap.