>Early "Spring" Cleaning

>This week, I’ve taken on a big task. Cleaning up the files on my computer. All the pictures I have since December 2005 are being renamed, refiled and saved on CDs. It’s a big job even though I don’t have as many photos as a lot of people I know. But still, it’s something that needs to be done and sooner rather than later. All my 2005 and 2006 folders are done. 2007 will take a bit longer but I’ll work on it Friday. And as for 2008, I already have probably as many photos as the whole year of 2006! Of course, having been on 3 photographic adventures with my brother has greatly helped this!

Like a lot of people, I’m getting tired of this harsh winter. Snow storm after icy rain after icy snow… I mean, come on! Enough already! I had to shovel my car out of the snow to move it on Sunday because they were going to plow the snow that night. And again today! Sheesh! I’ve got biceps again! Which I suppose is a good thing. But still, I can’t wait til Spring when I can walk by the waterside and plant some herbs and flowers in my outdoor pots. Soon…

Before I forget, Lisa Vollrath is having a St.Patty/Easter countdown soon. Check it out!


3 thoughts on “>Early "Spring" Cleaning

  1. >First..I love your ATCs! And the spool collages! sorry you are still having so much snow. We have been getting heavy rainstorms.One is here right now as a matter of fact.Spring will soon be here..!

  2. >Spring cleaning! Sort of look forward to it because of the end result. But then again……..Last year I put much of my art on cd. Now, I never look at it.

  3. >Organizing is not my biggest attribute however i so want to redo my art room pretty curtains lovely boxes so i have decided one box at a time. i have so much. and my friend loaned me her stain glass tools and with the glass etc i just am crushed in because i have everything strunk everywhere. YES we really should have an art week-end. we really should make def plans, maybe i could right the go train up or you could come here see niagara. anywho you are great.for getting so organized.ANg

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