>Mother Nature’s Mood Swings

>We did indeed get that storm. And because of it, my brother and I both spent the night at my parents’ after having dinner with them. There was no way either one of us would drive in that mess. Snow, ice, rain and a mix of some and all of these with crazy winds. At some point, you couldn’t even see on the other side of the street!

And I just learned that schools are closed tomorrow! So an extra vacation day… woohoo!

So with all this, I forgot to do my daily card yesterday. But that’s okay. I’ll do 2 tonight instead. And this morning, I didn’t do my morning pages. Oh well.

If there hadn’t been so much snow everywhere, today would’ve been a perfect day to go out for a walk. But since the street were cleaned just enough for cars and buses and no sidewalks were cleaned, I stayed in with mom and did some cleaning. We’ll see what tomorrow brings…