art journal


>It’s amazing how much we take little things for granted. I was so thankful last night to be able to sleep in my own bed, to take up all the room I wanted in it and to have my darling Diesel purring away next to me.

I’ve gotten so used to doing my Daily Art Cards, my Morning Pages and writing in my “Every day brings something new” journal that when I went to bed at my parents’ on Saturday, I felt like I was missing or forgetting something. And same thing when I woke up on Sunday morning. My routine was all out of whack!

I’m a routine person. There are certain things that I do at certain times and in certain ways. If I can’t, for some reason, do one of my routine things, I feel almost incomplete, like something is missing. I shouldn’t let those little things (or lack of things in this case) bother me, I know but I suppose it’s part of who I am.

Okay. So I haven’t been able to NOT buy stuff for the past two months. I’m thinking that maybe taking on a challenge to not buy anything new for a year was a bit much. So I need a different approach. I need to go about it on a smaller scale. Let’s say one week at a time. If I don’t buy anything (other than groceries of course) in the next 7 days, I’ll be that much closer to my goal. I’m still planning on using up all that stuff I have for my art, scrapbooking and other creations… you know, all the little things we keep saving for that “special project” that actually never comes along…

Vacation is over now. Tomorrow is back to work. Which is a good thing for someone who needs her routines!