>Trying something different

>A few months ago I decided to try and make my own plushie. I cut into a red skirt I had, made of felt-ish material, which didn’t fit anymore. I didn’t mean to make it look devilish but that’s sort of what happened. To fill it I used stuffing from a pillow that was coming apart. I liked the final result but didn’t do another one…

…until tonight. The bunny is made out of craft felt, purple on the front, pink on the back. I didn’t have any stuffing for this one (threw away the pillow a while back) so I used plastic bags. It’s not the best way to stuff a plushie but it still works and it’s recycling at its best! I used buttons from my stash for the eyes and a heart charm as decoration. It was done in less than 2 hours and I’m satisfied with the result. It’s not perfect but it’s made by me.