>Something in the air

>Lots of people are feeling sick lately. Family, friends, coworkers… It’s like there’s something in the air. And it’s not just about health. My coworker/friend is having a bad week. An ex-coworker of hers is trying to come back in her life but he’s not a stable being. So she’s nervous. We finish work at the same time so from now on, I’ll always be leaving with her to make sure she gets to her car safely. Another co-worker of ours is having health issues. I’m trying not to let all of this affect me. I’m trying to stay positive but it’s not always easy.

Since getting sick last week, I haven’t been eating a lot. It seems my body has gotten used to this since I haven’t had any cravings and have to almost force myself to eat normal meals. I’m not trying to starve myself, don’t worry. I’m just eating less BUT eating healthy food. I’m feeling good.

And on that note, I’ll go relax in front of the television. (Image is an ATC made for a swap. I decided to keep this one as my own.)


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