art journal


… it’s messy and full of surprises!

Nothing special to talk about. I’m not very “wordy” these days. It’s not that I have nothing to say, quite the contrary. I just don’t know how to put some things into words. And well, I don’t particularly feel like writing or typing lately.

This weekend has been beautiful. I opened the windows a bit today to get fresh air in the apartment. Diesel wanted to go out so I put her collar and leash on and opened the door. She didn’t go far though. Scared of the noises and unsure about the ice. I can’t wait for the nights to be warmer so I can stop having the heat on and so I can bring my plants out on the balcony.

Image is my latest entry in the Art Journal Challenge. The word prompt was Life.


3 thoughts on “>Life…

  1. >Ooof, haven’t been blog-hoppin’ in a long time. There`s a lot to see in here!!! Woohoo! I love the way your used the ribbons on this one. And as always, love the artwork.Miss ya!CC

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