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>New project

>So last night I had a craving for sweets. I had nothing in the house that would do. I put my shoes on twice and removed them twice. I decided not to indulge and instead, kept my hands busy while starting a new project. I saw on Shimelle‘s blog a new project that appealed to me. It’s called “Scrap Your Day” and consists of taking photographs all through the day on the 25th of each month and then making a scrapbook layout out of it, following a few guidelines. You can see a few pictures of my book here, pages all ready to receive the photographs and journaling. The format is 6″ x 12″ and I made it out of cardstock and paper I was keeping for just the right project. This seemed as good a time as any to use them. The quote you see here is a sticker from 7gypsies. I love the results so far and am looking forward to taking pictures on Friday to put them in this new little scrapbook of mine.

Have you started anything new lately?


7 thoughts on “>New project

  1. >What a cool thing to do, to save a few days as “special photo days”. I like the idea, better have a photogenic 25th though! :-)Have fun!New project… I’ve made balls, I’ll update my blog about them as soon as I have photos ready! 🙂

  2. >I love the book. Your prepared pages look great. What a neat way to chronical a part of your life.Will you do a normal day on Friday, or something special since you’re photo journaling it?

  3. >What a fantastic idea!!! I can`t believe you put all these pages together in such a short time. And to think that you were going out to buy some treats. Your time was put to better usage. I should try that sometimes instead of reaching for my “candies”, hehe. I can`t wait to see your finished project.CC

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