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>Since the return of the beautiful weather, I’ve been feeling very happy and alive. There are still some little things bugging me but nothing major. Mostly, I feel good.

A couple of days ago, without my even expecting it, I hit over 5000 visitors on my blog! I had more than 300 in just one day! And only 3 comments that same day… Hmmm lurking much? 🙂 That’s ok. I’m thankful for all those visits and for all the comments I get.

So anyway, on the 25th, I took pictures to chronicle a day in the life of me. I ordered my photo online and should be able to get them tomorrow or tuesday. I will then cut them and adhere them to my Scrap Your Day album. I didn’t do anything special that day, just the regular day to day stuff. Maybe next month I’ll get more creative…

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to visit my blog and my Flickr gallery.


3 thoughts on “>Alive

  1. >Ok I admit to having lurked here some…but not 300 times LOLI don’t have a counter on my blog. Is it fun? I’ll check back to see “a day in the life”!xx

  2. >There’s definetly something about the nice weather that steps things up to feeling more “alive”. Glad the good weather is having a nice effect.

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