I never really thought I was good at drawing. I never seem to be able to draw “lifelike” subjects. It used to bother me. Not anymore.

I haven’t been inspired lately to do much, creatively speaking. And you want to hear the funny thing? I’ve been doing loads of stuff, creatively speaking! I’m trying to push through this “funk” that I’m in by creating anyway. And one of the ways I’m doing that is by rediscovering my drawing skills. This weekend, I pulled out an old photo of my mom. A photo booth picture. She has a lot of them and I love them. So I decided to recreate that image in pencil. And it actually looks a lot like the original. The only thing I’m not happy with is the facial features but I just need more practice I suppose. I didn’t know what to do in the background and didn’t want to risk messing up the drawing so I left it blank on purpose. This was a good exercise in observation and reproduction. I should definitely do more of those.

Please keep my friend Judie in your thoughts and prayers.


4 thoughts on “>Drawing

  1. >Wonderfully done! Facial features are so hard. Noses are hard for me. Eyes are easier but I always have trouble putting them in the correct place. You sketch is great! 🙂 Keep going!*HUGS*Angela

  2. >Great job on the drawing. Facial features are tricky for me too. I never can get the eyes the same size and shape. I’ll keep practicing.

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