>News from the procrastinator

>Remember when I said I was lazy and messy and a procrastinator? Today I tried to do something about it. I didn’t allow myself to turn on the television or the computer until all my dishes were cleaned (a week’s worth at least) and all my clothes folded and put away (3 weeks of laundry worth.) I also forced myself to cook something for dinner which I don’t always do. And it worked! All of it! My kitchen counter is empty, as is the sink. All my clothes are in their right place. Nothing laying around. Now, next step is the living room/studio. But not tonight. I’ve done enough for one day!

This morning I went grocery shopping and the only “junk” I bought was a six-pack of small Ginger Ale cans. And I don’t usually spend all that much at the grocery store but this time, for some reason, I did. And it was the first time that I could get the “free item with purchase of 60$ or more” which was broccoli. So that was a nice surprise.

I’m signed up for a few swaps over at ATCSforALL. It’s addicting, I tell ya! Probably my healthiest addiction to date! 😉