>Round Robin ATC

>One of the things I’m hooked up on lately is Round Robin ATCs. The way it works is: the 1st person creates the backgrounds, the 2nd player adds approximately the same things to all the cards (one for each player) and the third player finishes the cards. Each player gets one of the cards in the end.

At first, I didn’t know how I would feel about working on a card started by someone else. But now, I like the challenge. In fact I can’t get enough of those Round Robins! I’m even thinking of hosting one myself this summer.

Speaking of summer, lots of plans are bubbling. I’ll probably spend a weekend in Ontario for a live ATC trade + art day + meeting one of the Glitter Power Sisters! Very exciting! I have plans to go to the movies with Anik and to the museum too. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of outings with Catherine too (by the way, for those who don’t know, Catherine and CeeCee are one and the same.) My brother is going to Florida for a few days so I’ll have to go take care of his cats a few times. And then I want to take control of my living room/studio. I need to get organized and to get rid of more stuff.

School finishes next Monday, on the 23rd. The 24th is a provincial holiday. And I’m working the rest of the week (25-26-27th) but only in the mornings (7:00-11:30) and I already have plans for 2 of those afternoons. Busy summer ahead it seems!


One thought on “>Round Robin ATC

  1. >Round Robins sound like they would really expand your “comfort zone” in art. What a neat way to push yourself.Here’s to a wonderful summer. Have fun with all your plans.

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