>CeeCee’s CC#8

A new colour challenge is up on CeeCee’s blog. The colour palette really called out to me and I had fun creating this card. Of course, I don’t have the official Stampin’ Up! colours but these came close enough. I love how the card turned out. I used one of my new stamps (All Kinds of Happy Collection – Cupcake from Imaginisce) and played with my corner punches. I also used a big square brad which doesn’t look quite that yellow in real life.

Last day of school is Monday. Lots of kids won’t even be there. It should be a pretty laid back kind of day. I’m officially on vacation as of next Friday at 11:30 am. Meanwhile, I’m still creating a storm for all the swaps I’m signed up for.


6 thoughts on “>CeeCee’s CC#8

  1. >Awesome! I see you have one of those things that say when people were here. It say’s I was here two hours ago. I didn’t come here two hours ago. I wonder if someone came through my blog two hours ago.Some people have trackers where they are suppose to show where people are coming from. What town. The thing is, I don’t think it works. When I see those and see where I am coming from I can’t understand that I am coming from Colorado & different towns in Oregon. I don’t live in neither state. I have to laugh though. Look how far apart those two states are. LOL!

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