>CeeCee’s CC#9

>Two posts in one day! Lucky readers!

This is my contribution to CeeCee’s colour challenge. I had a hard time finding similar colours to those posted but eventually, it all worked out. Very simple card. It will end up being my aunt’s birthday card.

There’s a festival in Lachine. It started yesterday and ends tomorrow. I went to see one of the many free shows. It was amazing. I’ll see if the photos are good enough to post tomorrow. The act itself consists of clown-type people playing music with drums, bells and other “ringing” instrument and also 3 acrobats. Everyone’s on a metal structure that gets lifted in the air by a mechanical crane and which is lighted and can open up and close in the form of a flower. Very impressive. The group is from France and they’ve been all around the world. Go here to get a glimpse of the structure.

I’m off to bed now. And looking forward to sleeping in…


8 thoughts on “>CeeCee’s CC#9

  1. >Your card is so pretty. I particularly like that color combination. And the festival sounds really great. That flower structure is amazing!

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