>Keeping Busy

>It’s been a while since I updated my blog. Well, I’m keeping busy most of the time. Creating ATCs and Chunky Pages for swaps. Cleaning my brother’s apartment (doing it for one year to pay him back for the Nikon camera he sold me.) Helping my mother getting settled in her art room. And creating cards in said art room! This is one of those cards. I wanted to use more masculine colours and used new stamps that mom bought this week. (Bird is from Sandylion and sentiment is from Magenta.)

Alberta and Ava have nominated me for an award. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “>Keeping Busy

  1. >Glad you are enjoying your summer. Your card is really nice. I always have problems when I try to make “manly” things. I guess I really am to girly.Take care, Brandy

  2. >I’m giving you the ~ Brillante Weblog ~ Award , you may have already received it once , so just enjoy the award with no obligation for passing it on. ~ Blessings ~ JoyceAnn

  3. >I haven’t been doing much blogging lately either. It’s just too hot here! Congrats on the award. I really like the card you made. I think making more masculine art is difficult….at least it is for me.

  4. >Hi Sopjie! Just flying in tosay hi ansd see how you are doing. Everything here is about the same. I have a pile of Atcs and now I am starting on 4x4s! Have a great Summer!

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